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Fingerprint Padlock | One-touch open, convenient enough to m
date:2022-03-21  edit:amdin

Have you also experienced the following
What about the awkward moment of forgetting your keys?

Try all the keys on the keychain just to open one lock
Going out, a bunch of keys become nowhere to be placed
Forgot to bring the key, the key was locked at home
The thief picks the lock and steals, and the loss is heavy
So, how to solve the above troubles?
What kind of artifact can be used to be more secure, fast, convenient and worry-free?
That is
Elinksmart Series Bluetooth Fingerprint Padlock
In recent years, fingerprint identification has gradually penetrated from industrial applications to civilian use. From the initial criminal investigation identification and authorization of financial institutions, to mobile phones, safes, door locks, and even padlocks, USB flash drives, and drawer locks, fingerprint applications have made our lives more and more convenient.
In order to save those of us, Elinksmart has specially launched this fingerprint padlock, which makes your fingerprint your "key", so you don't have to worry about forgetting to take the key finger out of the house!


Intelligent transformation, new experience

Elinksmart series fingerprint padlock adopts the international advanced fingerprint recognition technology, high-end precision craftsmanship and exquisite appearance design. The traditional padlock, which has gradually entered the decline of application, has been intelligently transformed to give a new user experience, making it rejuvenated and becoming a best-seller in the lock market and a new favorite in the gift market.


The fingerprint recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.99% or more

Compared to traditional mechanical locks, our multi-style smart padlocks are more practical, portable and beautiful. At the same time, the smart padlock with a fingerprint recognition accuracy rate of over 99.99% can solve the inconvenience of carrying and keeping keys, avoid the risk of keys being stolen, and provide a reliable guarantee for security and privacy protection; it not only effectively solves the pain points of daily applications , and has the advantages of simple operation, low power consumption and high intelligence.
The most important thing is that a smart padlock can record 15 fingerprints, so there is no need to worry about forgetting the key and unable to open the lock.


Suitable for a variety of application scenarios


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