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Elinksmart Smart Fingerprint APP Key Padlock P10
date:2021-10-21  edit:amdin

        Starting from the "chips", Elinksmart aims to enjoy convenience, good quality, and better life. AI and machinery explores and innovates in intelligence and tradition continuously , creates a new paradise for
familes. It also provides integrates visual pleasure, joyful mood, and emotional communication for modern families . You are still lack of a padlock in your life. When you open the door, you don’t need to carry a bunch of keys, and you don’t need to entangle the chain round and round but you are afraid that it opened by others easily, Elinksmart Smart Fingerprint Padlock, high quality and security one-touch
opening, uses the power of smart technology to relieve your busy life, and make a better life for you. Every time you feel helpless, powerless, and exhausted, as long as you have it, you will be happier and easier.


        Elinksmart each padlock is convenient, secure and durable. Our new product-Smart P10 fingerprint padlock unlock easily and works well. Whether you are an old man, a child, only you choose Elinksmart Smart Fingerprint Padlock, you can unlock it at the first time. The biggest difference between the P10 fingerprint padlock and the traditional padlock is that the inner "chip" is more intelligent and powerful. It removed the traditional way of unlocking the lock with a key. Elinksmart Smart P10 fingerprint padlock has 12 innovative functions. The management of personnel changes, addition and deletion is more convenient and easier to operate. The high-resolution fingerprint module; 0.5 seconds unlock quickly; store 15 fingerprints; and the misrecognition rate is close to zero; The AI algorithm optimizes recognition speed and accuracy; autonomously perceives changes in fingerprints; and keep sensitivity at all times. Each unlocking is a process of further improving fingerprint information independently, making your padlock more sensitive in a long time.


        Every padlocks need safe materials, convenient operation and good service that can be recognized by the market, Elinksmart Smart P10 fingerprint padlock is mainly made of high-density zinc alloy material, with high hardness and tensile strength. The lock body adopts IP67 waterproof level and dustproof design, so it is with outdoor waterproof, rust and oxidation resistance functions ,It is suitble for dormitory or gym cabinet, indoor or dormitory door, warehouse or truck box door, etc., and it won’t be affected by the weather. Except fingerprint unlock, you also can use the app to unlock via bluetooth connecting. When someone unlocks the lock, no matter where you are, the unlocking record can always be recorded. At the same time, Elinksmart Smart P10 fingerprint padlock uses Ali cloud server data force secret protection, every time you unlock the data is top-secret privacy.

        The diameter of the 304 stainless steel lock beam of the Elinksmart smart P10 fingerprint padlock is 7mm, which is ten times of the same padlocks, and it can withstand up to 20 tons of hydraulic shear pressure. The Elinksmart smart P10 fingerprint padlock is with 2pcs spare key , It can be unlocked normally even if there is no electricity. The TYPE-C charging interface meets 180 days of long standby time. The low-power design does not require frequent charging. It is also with a low-battery reminder function. The app- eSmartLock can check the battery capacity at any time.


        There are many essential choices in our life, Elinksmart Smart P10 fingerprint padlock is one of them. Elinksmart not only brings convenience, but also comfort and happy. While enjoying convenience, you can improve the quality of life.

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