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2018 Autumn Fair
date:2018-11-08  edit:amdin

Focus on quality, enjoy life, Elinksmart on October the new appearance in Canton Fair & Hong Kong Exhibition

In mid-April, the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair and the Canton Fair has been started one after another. The former is one of the most important electronic exhibitions in Asia, gathering the global innovation in electronic technology and products. The latter is China's longest and largest comprehensive international trade event. The Electronics and Appliances Pavilion is one of the main sections. In recent times, technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, affecting our lifestyle and quality. The progress of the times also requires a new generation of young people to explore and develop, to popularize scientific knowledge and show the latest technology, and it is necessary and important. Since then, Elinksmart Constantly pursuing innovation and frequently appeared in major international electronic products exhibitions, and its brand influence has been significantly improved. Since the beginning of 2018, after participating in the US CES Exhibition, Beijing Security Exhibition and receiving a lot of praise, Elinksmart make sustained efforts, and the new appearance on 124th Spring Canton Fair & 16th Hong Kong Electronics Fair, once again received great repercussions and gains.

This year, the latest self-developed high-tech products, smart WIFI camera kits, smart home security kit, smart lock kit etc and other high-tech exhibits made a stunning appearance, fully display the advanced technology of family smart life. The smart homes together form the Future House, and the smart lock cylinders can meet the standards and specifications of different countries at home and abroad. The 1080p Full HD Smart Camera is equipped with infrared long distance night vision , Realizing full real-time monitoring .

The new product's functional strength, the overseas customers, has been shocked by the launch of the new product. There are customers on the booth to consult and request samples.

As a national high-tech enterprise, a dual-soft enterprise, an executive director of the E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce and a member of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Electromechanical Import and Export, Elinksmart always adhered to the design philosophy of “people-oriented, family-oriented” to meet market demand. In the future, Elinksmart will further expand the territory of overseas markets and extend the technology of smart living to all corners of the world to create more good products for the world.

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