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Human resource strategy
Elinksmart respects "both ability and political integrity, morality oriented, performance priority" value. In Elinksmart, virtue meanshonesty, pragmatism diligence and breadth of mind; intelligence means thinking,undertaken,creativity. Elinksmart believes that outstanding achievement is the only standard to evaluate one talented person.For those who can not only achieve excellent personal performance, but also be able to lead the team to create outstanding performance,Elinksmart will supply a healthy and perfect way for them to become great leaders.
Grow up in Elinksmart
Taking efforts to build a good platform for the growth, Elinksmart pursues the personal development of employees and the harmonious development of enterprise to create the best environment for the growth of employees.
Life in Elinksmart
Striving to provide quality living environment, Elinksmart tries to improve employees happiness index and the harmonious development of enterprises, and shares the results of enterprise development with its employees.
Furture in Elinksmart
Elinksmart hasstrength support for all employees with social insurance (endowment insurance, work injury, maternity, unemployment, medical insurance) as well as housing provident fundetc.

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